Finding Careers That Provide Job Security

Jobs are a basic need that everyone is capable of providing. A job, work or profession, is the most significant activity a human being can engage in. More importantly, a job is a human activity, frequently performed for payment and usually routine. However, most people only have a few jobs.


In the United States, occupations and tasks are being replaced by self-employment, off-work outsourcing, and on-work “guest-doctor” duties. Today, more jobs are being performed by computer automation and machine learning systems. The average salary for jobs in the United States has dropped significantly to the point where median wages are below what they were at their peak in 1970. This is particularly true for jobs that involve tasks such as secretarial work, administrative work, customer service, clerical and technical assistance, administration, marketing, finance and accounting jobs, and research scientist jobs.

One of the trends that the unemployment statistics reflect is the increasing number of jobs in the service industry career category. Although the term “service industry” may sound like something from a fairy tale, this is the actual description of today’s job market. While this description implies that jobs in this category do not pay very much, the reality is quite different. While it was true for decades that jobs in the service industry category paid below minimum wage, this has all changed due to technological advancements.

Today, jobs in this category pay more than minimum wage. This is especially true for jobs that involve tasks like typing, data entry, bookkeeping, secretarial work and other clerical or technical tasks. In addition to earning more, these types of careers allow for creativity and flexibility. In fact, many careers in the service industry are highly creative and require that individuals are capable of doing a variety of task within the same company.

Because of the increasing number of jobs in the service category, many adults with at least a bachelor’s degree are pursuing careers in this field. In order to obtain jobs in this area, however, one must have a degree that fits one of the many general business careers. For example, jobs in this field require individuals to have degrees in accounting, business management, economics, general business, finance and accounting, information systems, marketing, and other classes.

College graduates interested in working in careers such as these need to ensure that they have what it takes to succeed in these types of jobs. For many people, obtaining a bachelor’s degree is the first step on their path to success. This is because obtaining a college degree opens doors for jobs that previously would have been out of reach. Moreover, having a college degree provides individuals with an increased chance of obtaining better pay and job security.