How Clothing Is Designed To Match Current Trends

Fashion design is the study of clothing structure, aesthetics, design and craftsmanship. It varies widely over time and geographical location, and is affected by cultural and societal trends. There are many components of fashion design that make up a basic unit of the field. These components include design & creation of clothing, concept & conception, manufacturing & designing, fashion information systems, consumer behavior and style. These components work together in order to create and maintain a style.

clothing design

Trends in clothing design occur due to cultural, social, economic, technological and psychological factors. These factors have combined in order to create certain styles or designs that have become the current fashions. Clothing designs take different shapes and forms as society changes and adapts to changing situations. As a result of changes in fashion, designers and creators are always on the lookout for new styles and ideas to incorporate into the existing designs.

The main components of clothing design process include concepts such as fabrics, colors, patterns, textures, fitting, finishing, tailoring, cutting and sewing. A clothing design process begins with a collection of fabrics, colors, patterns and/or textures. A technical designer will then take an individualized, particular look and style into account. The fabrics, patterns, textures and fittings will then be processed to form the final draft of the project.

Fashion designers use technology tools such as computer software, imaging software and graphic design programs to visualize their designs before they are refined through several stages of improvement. An example of a computer software program is the Excel fashion program. Fashion designers can make an actual apparel design using basic fashion shapes and textured illustrations. After the design has been refined through numerous versions, it is sent to textile manufacturers for sewing. Sewing is one of the most costly stages of the clothing design process because it requires high quality and accurate material.

The last stage of the clothing design process is to create a reference photo. A reference photo is a digital image that can be used as a prototype or a garment example in case a manufacturer is unable to make the finalized sample. Reference photos can be printed on regular paper or on photo paper. Manufacturers may print them on translucent fabrics to add special effects. Any type of fabric that can be used to illustrate how a fabric would look on an individual person is a good reference photo.

The latest trends in fashion design are constantly changing and evolving. It takes years to fully understand all the current trends. The fashion industry keeps abreast of what society wants and the styles people are buying. Clothing manufacturers and department stores rely on the information provided by fashion designers to help them successfully market their products. Clothes that are designed to match current trends are also sold in department stores.