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The leading GPS tractor operator assistance program helping farmers worldwide in maneuvering their farm equipment through thick fields. Agri-Info Design’s newest software, Agri-Info Designer, is an easy-to-use GPS guidance device designed to attach to tractors, for easy and accurate navigation of large agricultural fields. The device can be used with Microsoft Windows based computers and subsequently downloaded onto any laptop or PC with an internet connection. A compact, lightweight design with an integrated display makes it simple to use, even by children. This version of the Agri-Info software includes a built-in database with data for over 170 countries.

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In order to operate this software, a computer is needed. Since Agri-Info Designer is an open source program, it runs on practically every type of computer that exists. Versions designed for low power consumption are available for notebook computers. The advantages of having an Agri-Info system installed on a tractor unit are that the machine is less likely to become stuck or bogged down in fields because of poor terrain conditions. Since the software has been deemed by farmers to be a very effective tool for directing operations, many are installing it on their equipment.

Agri-Info Designer is based on a traditional interface that provides information about the current weather conditions in the area where the tractor is operating. Current road and railway conditions, and construction hazards are also displayed. The interface also includes a map overlay, which shows routes for future operations, and historical route mapping for previous years. Other useful data such as acreage, planting time and number of acres of production, the total miles driven each year, and other historical facts, are also available through additional add-on modules.

An Agri-Info Designer interface can be integrated with a database management system (DMS) to give users access to important field information such as average production per year, maximum production per day, maximum daily miles driven, and other statistical information. In some cases, a DMS is included with the software itself. Agri-Info Designer can also be used with Jira as a web based application. Agri-Info Designer has a Graphical User Interface, which means that the user will not have to install any software before using it. The web-based capability is made possible through the use of Jira.

The advantage of using Agri-Info Designer as an application for the tractor is that the system is fully automated, and therefore produces reliable and accurate results. The advantage of the integrated system is that the operator will only have to input data into the computer, which will then be automatically fed into the fields in question. This reduces manual intervention, and makes the process more efficient.

Many other industries can benefit from the production of information systems. These fields can include health care, human resources, logistics, engineering, and other areas. If you want to design an ERP software system, you should contact Agri-Info Design. They are experts in the field of ERP design.