Types of Jobs You Can Get


Types of Jobs You Can Get

Successful businesses require a mix of staff in various types of jobs at all times for all cycles of company, from design and innovation to production and administrative support. Thinkers create an idea; transform that idea into reality. Innovators create a concept and bring it to market. Builders transform the concept into a physical reality by constructing the product or services. Imperfectors make it even better by perfecting it.

There are three common jobs you will find in any office environment. The first is the primary duty staff job. This person performs the work that everyone else does, but without the same prestige or benefit. For example, a medical assistant may have a more intensive training program and be able to perform more duties than a retail sales associate. A primary duty staff member earns their pay by performing the most common tasks.

The second most common job is that of the sales and marketing specialist. With more than one million people employed in this capacity in the United States, the annual national average salary is about $13k per year. The sales and marketing specialist is required to be trained to perform a variety of duties for their employer. They are typically the one who prescribes the type of training courses a salesman must take to qualify for employment, they perform the interview, provide client service, provide marketing material for the company, and answer any questions that a customer may have regarding the job or the company in general.

The third most common job is the generalist. A generalist is typically a doctor, lawyer, or other highly trained professional. A generalist is not focused on a specific field. Generalists are usually involved in all aspects of the business and can perform a number of functions. Generalists generally begin by being a secretary and progressing through various jobs within their organization.

The fourth most common job is the medical assistant. Medical assistants perform a number of tasks including scheduling appointments, taking medical histories of patients, filing records, assisting doctors and other employees in the office, lab work, etc. The average salary for a health care career is around forty-five thousand dollars. Salaries increase annually as the demand for health care rises.

Jobs in the field of sales and marketing are growing rapidly in demand due to the recession, but jobs in the health care field will always be in high demand due to the ever increasing need for health care providers. If you are looking for a job, try to determine which of these four main jobs fits your abilities the best. You should also have the time and education needed to perform each primary duties.